iWATR® was developed to make water quality better for the people of our
communities, states and  nation.  We can’t do it alone.  That’s why we created
iWATR®.  With your help as a public or elected official, a city, county or water district,
a transportation agency, a professional in engineering or environmental science, an
architect, a planner, a construction manager, a citizen of a community or a concerned
surfer, swimmer, paddler, healthy communities leader or a parent who wants a better
world for their children…iWATR® can help you, and us, improve water quality.

iWATR® is what we describe as an “integrated Watershed Assessment Tool for
Restoration”. This is engineering terminology for something that serves as a one-stop
solution to water quality.  It works in your region to tell you how good, or bad, your
surface water quality is.  We are using a patented blend of Geographic Information 
Systems Data coupled with hydrologic and engineering algorithms to give you real
data, advanced engineering expertise with just the touch of a button.  The program
is simple:

1)	The iWATR® engineers are the top experts in the field, providing information to
	help you instantly gather the information that would have taken months…even
	years… to assess your water quality conditions and needs.  They have already
	conducted initial assessments in your area if it is accessible by iWATR®, and are
	your team to help you find this information, and their recommendations are
	available at the next click of a button, to make your water quality better.  BMP
	(Best Management Practices) needs, which are basically mitigation measures
	that help improve water quality in all scenarios, are available to view.
2)	iWATR® offers the options for improving conditions in your area, BMPs 
	that are options for solving your water quality issues and also offers 
	prioritization and assessment assistance based on estimated average 
	runoff, modeling, pollutant loads and concentrations and field verification.  
	Planning and constructability are key factors in this element of the program.

3)	Design and Implementation of solutions may be a more advanced 
	application than iWATR® can provide, although iWATR® will offer a host 
	of solutions for your watershed.  The actual engineering and design 
	elements of the program would most likely require a professional engineer, 
	and the award winning, top international experts within the iWATR® team 
	are willing and ready to assist anyone in accomplishing the goal of better 
	surface water quality.  Our team is available for consultation initially at no 
	charge.  If design and additional advice is needed, we will provide you with 
	a value-based, expert and exceptionally reasonable offers and advice from 
	our team of over 100 water professionals to assist you with your solutions.

Where do we go from here? iWATR® is your beginning to a solution for better
water quality across the United States and, eventually, the world.  iWATR® is
your tool.  iWATR® is your trusted advisor, along with the 100 plus experts behind
the tool.  

Use iWATR® to improve water quality forever.
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